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Austro-Pro : Austrian Tradition in Bangkok

Since 2007, Austro-Pro has brought the essence of European baking to Bangkok. Our 400+ premium bakery SKUs capture the authentic taste of Europe. Our production team use imported food ingredients, free from chemical additives, to ensure that each bite reflects an authentic and premium experience.


Experience Europe's baking heritage with Austro-Pro, conveniently located in Bangkok, offering customers a range of freshly baked, frozen baked, and frozen raw products direct to your cafe, hotel, restaurant or event.


About Us

As a leader in Thailand for high-quality bakery products, we specialize in wide range of offerings. Each product is crafted with precision and care. Our customers include some of Thailand's finest hotels, cafes and restaurants. Our staff take the utmost care to ensure quality, and most products are hand crafted from start to finish.

  • One of the only bakeries in Thailand offering authentic Austrian German style baked products

  • Our chef works with the specific needs of each customer if our catalog products don't meet your specifications

  • Our top of class equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing, while each piece is also shaped, perfected and checked by hand

  • In-house cold-chain distribution in Bangkok, with shipping options to almost all provinces in Thailand

Product offerings

  • Croissants

  • European Danishes

  • Baked Savories

  • Cookies

  • Muffins & Cupcakes

  • Rolls

  • German Pretzels

  • Artisan Breads

  • Toasts

  • Pita Breads

  • Sweet Breads & Cakes

  • Healthy Raw Treats

  • Gluten Free & Health Breads

Management Team



+66 29935301


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